Family Honor Plate

Amazing Tools that make creating a Happy
& Connected Family Fun & Easy

Best Birthday Ever!

It's your CRAFT, your ACTIVITY, and your TAKE HOME.


Family Pack - Buy 3 or more - 10% Discount


  • Ceramic Family Honor Plate to be painted by YOU!
  • 8 Vibrant USA-made enamel paints 
  • 3 Paint brushes
  • 1 Painter's palette
  • 1 Plate stand
  • Bonus Pack of Sample Table Thyme Discussion Starters
  • Online Support through Parenting and Instructional videos created to encourage and support you.

* We can't wait to Support and Cheer you on through your Awesome Journey of Parenting with the Family Honor Plate. 


The Ultimate GO-TO gift!
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Communication is the key to building relationships and creating memories that last a lifetime!

Enjoy more than a year's worth of unique questions that will have your family sharing about everyday and unique topics, thoughts or memories that normally aren't brought up or even thought about.

Your family will learn how to articulate and share special memories, learn how to voice their opinion, and for some - how to even have an opinion.

Every question is followed up with "Why?" to take everyone's answers to a deeper level. That's where the magic is.

So now when asked..."What is your favorite dessert?" Rather than someone's answer of "Apple Pie", the whole family gets to walk down memory lane because their answer to "Why?" is it reminds them of Grandma Smith who always made apple pies with the them when they came to visit.  Her house smelled of fresh baked pies when you walked in the door. This opens up unique memories for everyone in the family. Each member will get to enjoy a walk down memory lane with Grandma Smith. With this one simple question, the family has reached a new level of intimacy while bringing memories and the love for one another to life. And that was just one person's favorite desert.  Wonder what the next person's favorite desert is and Why?

Sharing, listening and genuine laughter cultivates connection and stronger relationships within your family.

You may not remember what you made for dinner some of these nights, but there will be conversations that you will never forget.

Encouragement, Confidence & Communication
are absolute musts for any family, relationship or child to thrive."

-Michelle Weber
Creator, Family Honor Plate