Don't let anyone steal your Sunshine!

by Michelle Weber October 04, 2016

Don't let anyone steal your Sunshine!

Recently a friend advised me “Don't get too excited” when I shared something that…well I was really excited about.

Telling me to not get excited about something is like telling a 6 year old to not get excited about meeting Santa.

I do get excited.  I love doing new things, meeting new people and at the end of the day reflecting on the wonderfully unexpected things that happen when we open our hearts and lives to new people and experiences.

How can you not?  Half the time just showing up puts you in the position to see old friends who give you the warmest smiles and hugs, make new friends who feel like you’ve known forever and get to talk about things that feed your soul.

Simple pleasures? Yes!    Blessings that enrich our lives? Absolutely!

“Are you kidding me?!  I am going to get excited!” was my response, in a very sassy “ Oh no you won’t steal my sunshine” kinda way. 

“I don’t want you to be disappointed if it doesn’t go as you hoped.”

Knowing that most things don’t go as we hoped or even planned and that’s just life - is the way I go into almost everything.  A reality I've learned to accept and embrace.  A lesson life has taught me all too well.

But then again - some things go EVEN BETTER THAN WE COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED!

Do you get excited about going on vacation, going to the movies, that new pair of shoes that were on sale?

Those things cost money.  Getting excited about life and all it’s possibilities is FREE!

Maybe that first date is so fun it turns into a second.  Dream about where that relationship could go.  Visualize it.  Don’t hold back!  Did you go someplace you never expected in that vision?  Did you see yourself in a healthy, fun, loving relationship that makes you feel safe and loved? Romantic or just a great friend? A place you typically don’t allow yourself to think about?  How did it feel?  Maybe your subconscious just shared something with you? Maybe you do want it after all?

Perhaps that job interview is just the beginning to the career you’ve been preparing for years for.  Go ahead visualize it!  Don’t hold back!  Are you and your skills exactly what they’ve been looking for?  Yes! Can you totally see yourself working with the staff for years to come? Absolutely! Did you and your future boss instantly click and you both knew you were the one for the job?  Imagine all the opportunities and get excited!  Visualize it!  Dream it! Play it out in your mind’s eye.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the bestseller THINK AND GROW RICH, gives countless examples of the power of thought and those who’ve changed the world because of their mastery of it. 

Getting excited about things is like sprinkling rocket fuel on our imagination.  The sky’s the limit.  Wait we’ve already surpassed that limit.

“Dreams are the seedlings of reality”   - Napoleon Hill

So go ahead and get excited. Sprinkle that rocket fuel.  Go there.  Feel it.  Then feel your excitement build even more, as you realize something else.  Something you never expected. 

That dream you created in your head? . . . it’s totally possible!

You’ve got this!!!

Have a great day.



PS. This is the first of two blogs that talks about the power of our thoughts and living in possibility.  Know someone who could use some extra sunshine in their life?  Be a friend and share this with them.See you next week.


Michelle Weber is the owner of Family Enrichment Tools, LLC and the creator of the Family Honor Plate and Table Thyme Discussion Cards. Her passion is helping families reconnect around the family dinner table while celebrating choices and character. Start your new family traditions today. Connect with Michelle on Facebook and Twitter


Michelle Weber
Michelle Weber


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