When Everything is going Wrong.

by Michelle Weber September 14, 2016

When Everything is going Wrong.

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be going right? Well that certainly is how my day started yesterday teaching a Step class for a colleague. Confusion started when the class was changed to a different room. No biggie. I find everyone patiently waiting for me. I go to set up the music and I have no idea how to use this contraption resembling a DJ’s soundboard. Thank goodness my director anticipated my utter confusion and showed up. The class is still waiting.

Yes!!!! Finally! We have music and are ready to roll.

I promised to make it up to everyone in the class because of the late start. They're there to get a great workout, both physically and mentally. For some it is what keeps them sane throughout the rest of their day.

Within minutes the music is skipping and throwing the entire class off; throwing me off. OK this was not working. People are getting frustrated. Now I'm freaking out on the inside but need to keep the energy up and have a super positive attitude on the outside to keep everyone else' energy up. The MOM in me made the choice to turn every issue into an opportunity and instructed the class to do the same.

Here are 3 things that happened:

1. It is what it is, now what are we going to do about it?

The music was going to skip every now and then. Now how do we handle it? It was no excuse to stop. We would keep going no matter what.  We would merely speed up or slow down to get back on beat when we needed to. Again it was no excuse to stop. We were just going to make it part of the choreography.

When have you refused to accept a situation for what it is? When we do, it keeps us from moving in the direction of the solution. Which, by the way, could very well lead us on a new path of unexpected and wonderful experiences. Are you capable of adapting to an unexpected situation or do you dig your heals in and demand that the situation adapts to you? Good luck with that.

2. When forced to slow down, embrace the slower pace and find the moments and beauty in it.

I was unable to adjust the speed on the sound system so the music was so much slower than what we are used to. So this created the opportunity for everyone to create and experience each move in a bigger, richer, more exact way. Now we could incorporate our entire bodies to get the full range of motion of every move. The same choreography suddenly took on a whole new feel and turned into a totally different work out.

How often are you so hurried by your fast pace you miss enjoying the people and precious moments in your life?

3. KISS: Keep it Simple Sweetie.

I had to change up the choreography that I had planned for the class. Simpler was going to be best here. My goal was to not only have everyone leave having had a great workout, but they had to have fun!!!!! 

The same idea can be applied to dinner plans or a weekend - sometimes simplifying will make for a better experience for everyone – including ourselves?

When have you had beautifully made plans for dinner or the weekend, for example, and something throws everything off? Sometimes simplifying on the fly makes for a better experience for everyone – including ourselves?

We are constantly bombarded with life's little surprises that will derail us if we let them. We get to choose how we respond to them.

The class turned into a totally different experience (and workout) than any of us thought possible. One filled with lessons on the power of  "keeping it positive", and sweaty grateful members. And it all seemed worth it when I heard the words.  "Great Job!  

Life will throw throw us for a loop sometimes. That’s just life. 

So next time you find yourself getting derailed:

  • Maintain a great attitude. People are watching you and taking their cues from you.
  • Don’t be afraid to acknowledge what the problem is so you can start figuring out how you're going to deal with it. There is power in that!
  • Embrace the moments you are forced to slow down. This is when some of your riches moments and experiences can happen.
  • KISS. Sometimes the best plans need to be suddenly changed because of unforeseen circumstances or lack of time. Keep it Simple Sweetie. Life doesn’t have to be so difficult.

You've got this.  Have a great week!



Michelle Weber is the owner of Family Enrichment Tools, LLC and the creator of the Family Honor Plate and Table Thyme Discussion Cards. Her passion is helping families reconnect around the family dinner table while celebrating choices and character. Start your new family traditions today. Be sure to connect with Michelle on Facebook and Twitter

Michelle Weber
Michelle Weber


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