What Our Customers Said

I’ve felt as if I have been flying by the seat of my pants for far too long.  My kids received Family Honor Plates as a gift and I cannot begin to tell you the impact it has had on all of us - Possibly me the most.  They loved painting their plates.  It was a wonderful family craft night.  
Things have been incredibly stressful for our family lately and I find myself going back to the virtues on the plate a lot through out my day just to keep it together.  
Your instructions to use these virtues as our guideline in how we are supposed to be have already changed several occasions that I caught myself and quickly came from a place of LOVE with my family instead of the typical anger and frustration. Your video made that especially clear.  I don’t want my children to respond the way I have for so many years.  I am showing them a new way and it has changed everything around here.  Thank you

Jackie W., Evanston, Illinois

I have to share about the other night my daughter asked if she could give the Honor Plate at dinner?  She wanted to give it to her brother who had been struggling with some kids bullying him at school.  My heart melted right there.  That evening she placed the Honor Plate  in from of her brother.  Both of their expressions were priceless.  He was so confused.  She went on to share with him and the whole family how much she loved him and had so much respect for him.  How she knows the guys at school are making things tough but that just shows what kind of jerks they are.  If they took the time to get to know him they would know how kind and thoughtful he is.  What a great brother he is.  How he never gives up even when things get tough.  How he always puts a smile on our faces and makes us laugh at times that typically get us in trouble.  We all laughed while wiping the tears at the same time.  What a priceless evening this was for everyone there that night.  My son knows he is loved but that evening was the first time that his sister took on the role of supporter of her big brother.

Connie B., Oakland, California

I love how you teach us to look for the good things our kids are doing and track it back to their character so we can celebrate their character.  I never thought to look for the good things.  I feel like I am always catching them misbehaving and then that is what I correct them on – often times at the end of my rope.  Well since I started looking for the good things I am actually seeing the good things.  What a domino effect this has created for all of us.  I am enjoying my kids more.  The nights when someone gets the Honor Plate are so special to all of us. And my kids now are getting to see a better side of mommy as well.

Katie W., Portland, Oregon

I love how you teach us to use the Family Honor Plate to redefine what makes us all beautiful. How true beauty comes from within. It is so hard raising girls today with all of the social media mess out there.  I never even thought about how beauty really does come from within and we can even track that back to the character and choices they show and point this out to them.  Now I am not afraid to use the word beautiful around them all the time like before because now in our house it has a whole different meaning.  A beautiful meaning. Thank you!!!!!!

Yolanda R., Washington DC

The Honor Plate has made us painfully aware of how hard it is to get everyone to the dinner table; soccer practice, church, school, work schedules, etc. It has brought it to our attention that we need to make a stronger effort to make it happen. I listened to the cd on my way back to my office, and again with the family on the way to and from church. We are excited to put it into use. Our girls said, “Why have you not been doing this all along? You only dish us out the punishment plate when we are bad!”… which is totally not true, but an interesting comment that emphasizes the value in your product. Thank you Michelle!

Russ S, Concord, NC

Your Family Honor Plate and Table Thyme Cards have shown me how important communication is with our children. We spend a lot of time with our kids, but do we really know what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling? Anything we can do to open the door to encouragement and meaningful discussions is a big step in the right direction.

Valerie C., Charlotte NC