Parent Checklist

What do you want for your Children?

If you have children, you have dreams for them. You want them to grow up to be happy, independent, emotionally and physically strong, financially secure, confident, as well as have healthy relationships with those around them.

Are you overwhelmed with all that it will take to accomplish this? Do you even know where to start? We have good news for you.

The Family Honor Plate helps you be intentional about your parenting, and helps you build stronger relationships with your children. Through our community of parents, videos, e-mail subscription, FaceBook and Blog we will support you and cheer you on so you can feel good checking off all that you are learning and doing as a parent.

Imagine yourself on this journey while having a great time doing it. Now imagine feeling empowered as you know you're doing your very best to make your hopes and dreams for your children come true.

With the Family Honor Plate you can check off the following:

Role Modeling

Remember the things you want for your children? Show them what they look like. Be the living example of all that you want them to grow up to be. Your children are watching you, learning from YOU!!! Use the character traits in the center of your Family Honor Plate as your guide to your choices, your character, your way of being. Let your children see and feel what LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS & SELF-CONTROL look and feel like so they naturally live a life that embodies these qualities.


You are where you are in life today because of the choices you've made in your past. Your future will be determined by the choices you make today. The quality of your children's lives - who they become - will be determined by the choices they make. Our choices are a result of our character. Our character is the inner core of who we are, where our thoughts, feelings and behavior (hence choices) comes from. Our character is what forms our personality which is what others get to experience of us and is an indicator of our experiences, who we are, how we handle life (resilience) and how we show up to others. How we show up to others is what determines our relationships and ultimately the quality of our lives.

It all starts with character - and with the Family Honor Plate you will nurture the character and choices of your entire family as you model it, become more aware of it, and celebrate it within your family. Make the choice today that will have a life-changing impact on your futures (yours and your children).

Family Meals

Dont underestimate the power the ritual of family meals has on your children, on you, on your family, on society as a whole. The Family Honor Plate helps you understand and experience the benefits of this timeless tradition. It is where your children's need for Food, Social Interaction, Love, Connection and Time with YOU all come together. Researchers are consistently proving how children who come together regularly with their family (whatever unique your family make-up may be) have stronger literacy skills, are more aware of their ethnic and family heritage, are less likely to be depressed, anxious or smoke, less likely to use drugs or experience teen pregnancy, experience less eating disorders, have better manners and social skills, are more resilient and have a stronger connection with their families. Bottom line - regular Family Meals will set your child and your family up on so many levels to live a successful happy life together. And we haven't even talked about food or on how the Family Honor Plate turns a simple Family Meal into a celebration! Bon Appetite.


We can only give to others what we know and have within ourselves. A heart filled with love, joy, comfort and encouragement, compliments and fills others up. A child who knows love and encouragment will give it freely, not needing to hold onto it for fear of losing any that they poses. With the Family Honor Plate you will learn and teach your family to focus on and compliment one another's character, choices, effort and attitude - these are the qualities that make us each unique and beautiful.

When you present someone's meal on the Family Honor Plate to celebrate their character you show that person and everyone else in the family how you value the qualities they showed. Your children will learn from you as they watch you encourage and build others up. They will get in on the fun and start seeing opportnties to award others the Family Honor Plate which they will learn can be just as powerful as receiving the Honor Plate.

Social Skills

Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally. Developing your children's social and emotional skills is one of the most important things you can do to equip them for a healthy and successful future.

A 20-year study conducted by Duke University of more than 700 children from across the US between kindergarten and age 25 found a significant correlation between their social skills as kindergartners and their success as adults two decades later. The socially competent kindergartners were found to be far more likely to earn a college degree and have a full-time job by age 25 than those with limited social skills.

The Family Honor Plate and Table Thyme Cards create endless opportunities for your children to learn, practice and hone their communication/social skills. Couple this with all the other skills and values the Honor Plate encourages and your children will:

  • have a better outlook on life because of increased happiness and satisfaction
  • have better relationships
  • have better success in the their careers
  • have less social anxiety
  • have greater self confidence

Self Confidence

Every time you present your child's meal on the Honor Plate you remind them of their value, their unique qualities and the impact they have on others and potentially the world. Over time they will come to know themselves as the hardworking, patient, loving, kind, brave person you have pointed out to them based on the choices you've seen them make. You are not raising them on empty flattery to think highly of themselves as with Self Esteem. You are raising a self confident child who is aware of what character looks like and how their actions show these qualities. When they are faced with choices they will make the choices that are aligned with who they are. A child who has been raised to be kind and thoughtful and acknowledged for those choices growing up will not make a choice to tear someone else down or bully them.

With the Family Honor Plate you have more confidence in your parenting because you are equipped with a powerful parenting tool that helps you know that you are doing your very best to be the role model your children need, nurturing their character and worth and giving them the skills needed for a healthy life.

With the Family Honor Plate you will be confident that you are raising your children to know the value of "their" character as well as their worth. You will enjoy priceless years of memories as your family learns to cherish coming together to share and connect. As your children grow up you will enjoy the benefit of the opportunities you created for them to practice and sharpen their communication skills. Your children will mature into strong adults with the self confidence needed to create a life open to exciting adventures, healthy relationships, and endless possibiitilies.



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Enjoy more than a year's worth of unique questions that will have your family sharing about everyday and unique topics, thoughts or memories that normally aren't brought up or even thought about.

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Every question is followed up with "Why?" to take everyone's answers to a deeper level. That's where the magic is.

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Sharing, listening and genuine laughter cultivates connection and stronger relationships within your family.

You may not remember what you made for dinner some of these nights, but there will be conversations that you will never forget.